New Logo!!

I am happy to reveal my brand new logo designed by Charlotte Bolton. I have wanted to changed my logo for a long time now as I didn’t feel it looked very professional or really gave my brand a identity.

I am thrilled with what Charlotte has created,  like that it goes well with my work as I focus a lot of my work and portrait sessions outside.

I feel like I can now put effort into expanding my brand into some more promotional material like business cards and flyers now I have my identity.


Back to University..

As I enter my final year at Huddersfield University studying Photography, as part of my final year assignment I have been ask to create a blog to represent my professional practice, As I normally stick to my Facebook photography page I thought I would try something different and create a blog site on here.

Next week will be my first week back at university after completing a placement year working for Amie Parsons Photography, I feel I have changed a lot as a photography since the start of my placement and feel that I am going into my final year with fresh ideas and a different attitude towards university than I have had the previous 2 years.

I feel a lot of progression has been made in photography and I have worked with a lot of clients over the past year both with and with Amie. I have been focusing my work in portraits and also dog photography which is my preferred job. I am hoping that regualry updating my blog will help me build more of a client base where people can always see what I am up to with my work.

I am hoping to be blogging a few times a week with regular updates and research of my final year both of my FMP and dissertation.